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Introducing an Optimal Model for Venture Investment

Hatcher+ is a next-generation, data-driven venture firm that uses AI and machine learning-based technologies to identify early-stage opportunities in partnership with leading accelerators and investors, worldwide.

Diversified Portfolios

Our AI-based selection and performance management technologies enable us to build highly-diversified venture investment portfolios.

Better Multiples

Our technology and investment partnerships with leading accelerators enable access to high-quality, early-stage co-investments.

Tradable Structure

Our next-generation venture fund uses an innovative, tax-efficient structure to enable liquidity via the Euronext and other leading exchanges.

By using a data-driven approach to define our Resilient Investment Model, we are confident that we can, through a combination of our data models, technology platform, global partnerships, and structured portfolios, deliver superior, more predictable venture returns.

Wissam Otaky, Partner

The Hatcher+ Stack

The Hatcher+ Stack enables fund managers to monitor large, diversified portfolios in real time, using proven solutions from leading providers such as Asana, Box, Cronofy, DocuSign, Eventbrite, Google, Infogram, Jira, Mailchimp, Microsoft (Office365), Slack, Xero, and many others.







$233 Mn


Hatcher+ Startup Data Profiles

Hatcher+ is creating automatically-updating, verifiable data profiles that can inform investors from the point of the first application for funding by a business, right through to the first institutional round of investment - and beyond.


Within ten years, venture investing will come to resemble the stock market – data will be available on every deal, regardless of sector, stage, or geography, and liquidity will be measured in minutes, not years.

Dan Hoogterp, Partner

Hatcher+ Founders

The Hatcher+ founders have been managing startups for years - decades in fact. More recently, they have been using proprietary research data from leading investors around the world in conjunction with machine learning techniques to design better processes for selecting and managing venture investments.

John Sharp

Wissam Otaky

Dan Hoogterp

The venture industry is about to be massively disrupted - data-driven investment, democratized "micro LPs", global deal syndication, automated due diligence, and daily liquidity - our platform was built specifically to enable accelerators, VCs, and investors to utilize, and profit from, these new paradigms.

John Sharp, Partner

The Hatcher+ Network

The Hatcher+ Network includes leading accelerators and incubators, angel groups, VCs, industry experts, and investment professionals in 124 countries worldwide. Want to start using the Hatcher+ platform to inform your decisions and manage your workflow? Just sign up!


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