AI and Machine Learning: The Poincare Five Step Process

In 1908, Henri Poincare, the famous French mathematician, and pioneer of what we now call machine learning, wrote down what would later become the four stages of the "Gestalt" model of learning and psychology: Saturation, Incubation, Inspiration, an... Read More

Risk & Return in Venture Investing – Disrupting the Balance

On the heels of the most recent posts from John Sharp, one of my partners at Hatcher, I got to thinking it is high time I wrote my first post... Read More

Venture Investing and the 80/20 Rule

Almost a year ago, my Hatcher partners and I went looking for data that would give us an indication of our progress vis a vis the rest of our colleagues in venture capital... Read More

Q&A with one of the top influencers in the Global startup community

There aren’t many startups or household-name tech companies that Susan Wu hasn’t touched... Read More

Build a Badass Operating Agreement

Entrepreneurship is in your blood... Read More

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

I was involved in a company that lost its way... Read More

Reinventing Everything(?)

My brother is an old soul and likes to say “Stick to your knitting... Read More

Board Meetings with Swagger

Your Board of Directors is a tremendous asset... Read More

7th Inning Stretch in Your Career?

7th Inning Stretch in your career?... Read More

Hand Me a Chair

If you are a control freak even the title will scare the heck out of you... Read More

Your Necessary Distraction

Young and emerging companies need fuel... Read More

The Upside of Being Positive

One of the hardest things about being a startup founder is staying positive in the face of constant, and often intellectually exhausting criticism... Read More

How to Make People Happy and Make Money - One Family’s Story

The linked page below gives a summary of some pivotal moments in the amazing business success of India's Maroo family... Read More

9 KPIs for Venture Guys

There's a lot of opinions available regarding the best choice of KPIs for startups - but what about the investors behind the startups?  What are the KPIs that venture guys should be aware of?  Here's nine suggestions from Hatcher:1... Read More

The Rise of “Cut and Paste” Data Management Platforms

The problem involving whether to build or buy a cloud-based data platform to serve your workspace’s growing needs involves come complex issues... Read More

New Zealand: Angel Investment Activity

I represented Hatcher at the Asian Business Angels Forum in Queenstown, New Zealand, on 15-16 October 2015... Read More

100,000 PCs The World Will Never See

100,000 - that's how many PC's the new advertising campaign from Microsoft and Intel could have put into startups or schools this week, by using their $70,000,000 ad campaign more smartly... Read More

The Philippines - An Emerging Fintech Powerhouse?

I just got back from three days in Manila - first time I've been in several years... Read More

The Most Unrewarding, Misunderstood, Underrated Job on the Planet

If there existed an award category for "most unrewarding, misunderstood, underrated job on the planet", the strongest contender for that title would, in my opinion, be "Head of Sales... Read More

Why This CEO Learned How To Code - And Why You Should Too

People are generally impressed when they find out I've recently put six long years into learning about database design, programming, and UI design... Read More

Georgia (Republic Of) On My Mind

In November, Harveen and I got the chance to visit Tehran and discovered a population almost the size of Germany and an emerging market that is about to become a "must go" destination (see "Reading Term Sheets in Tehran") - so last week, when I was i... Read More

Why Hatcher Loves Emerging Markets

Last week, I visited our new partners in the beating heart of South America - Sao Paulo and Rio... Read More

Using Planetary Motion to Spot Bad Startups

Non-performing startups are not always easy to spot... Read More

Start-Ups Led by Fifty Year Olds Do Better

If you're an older CEO running a startup, chances are you're running a Hatcher startup... Read More

Telr Closes Over-Subscribed Series A

Telr, the merchant payment platform we created last October, and merged with Dubai-based Innovate Payments in June this year, has just completed an over-subscribed Series A fund-raising, led by Hatcher and iMENA, based in Amman, Jordan... Read More

Why Hatcher Loves the Next Generation of Financial Services

Charles Moldow posted a thoughtful article yesterday on TechCrunch entitled "How A Trillion-Dollar Market Remains Hidden In Plain Sight", arguing that there is a massive opportunity in financing non-bank financial services... Read More

Hatcher is "Go" for Launch!

Yes - after almost a year of "self-incubation", Hatcher... Read More

Reading Term Sheets in Teheran

First, a disclaimer... Read More

Why China Kicks Ass

I had a meeting yesterday with the CEO of an entrepreneurial hardware venture that is looking for funding from us... Read More

The Three Reasons Investors Invest

Pitching a new business proposition to an investor isn't rocket science - in fact, the most effective pitches involve, of all things, empathy... Read More

Hiring to Build a Successful Fund

I'm currently hard at work on a project involving the transition of a personal holding company into a venture development company backed by an evergreen fund structure... Read More

Series A Zombies

Every day, I meet entrepreneurs who are struggling to raise their first real round of funding... Read More

Every Business Model That Has Ever Existed

One of the most vexing problems for startups is figuring out what revenue model to apply... Read More

The Next Wave of Investment in Startups

Money hates being idle... Read More

Convertible Notes Explained

There's a lot of blog posts out there about why startups shouldn't use convertible notes to raise capital... Read More

Founders: Get Your Fair Share of Equity

The truth is rarely told but known by everyone: not every founder of a start-up does an equal amount of work... Read More

The Hatcher Worldview

The idea behind Hatcher is, simply put, the application of the emerging crowd-funding model to investors that are sophisticated and experienced, and entrepreneurs that are executing on their vision for market leadership... Read More

Review: Business Model Generation

While browsing in an airport bookstore, I recently came across a copy of Business Model Generation - a Wiley publication written by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur... Read More

The 20:20:20 Rule of a Successful VC Meeting

So you're about to go meet with a VC... Read More

The Best Investor Deck Ever

The founder of a company I'm an adviser to recently asked me for tips on creating a PowerPoint presentation for his upcoming investor roadshow... Read More

Where The Money Is

One of my partner investors in Heardable sent me along a link to a deck the other day from the Jordan Edmiston Group, Inc... Read More

Show Me The Demo

I just had a meeting with a buddy and he got mad at me because he felt that he'd crossed a threshold in terms of what his technology could achieve and, for whatever reason, I wasn't buying it (enough)... Read More

30 Tips for Writing a Business Plan and Raising Capital

Over the past twenty years, the folks behind this site have helped a number of entrepreneurs and startup companies raise tens of millions of dollars from venture investors... Read More

Entrepreneurs - A Little Accounting Knowledge Can Make a *Big* Difference

A number of years back, I was approached by a company in that needed some help finding a strategic partner... Read More

How to Write an Executive Summary

A couple of days ago, I posted a blog entitled 5 Easy Steps to a Great Business Plan and some of you were kind enough to email me with some kind words about it... Read More

5 Easy Steps to a Great Business Plan

Writing a great business plan (and I've authored and co-authored dozens of plans) is not that hard... Read More

The Five People You Meet in a (Successful) Startup

The Visionary Essential to any new company's success, but may appear mad/dormant/useless to staff members other than the Wise Man, and especially to the Willing Slaves... Read More

Why Startups Start Up

As exciting as it can be to watch the growth of a single-cell idea into a company, sometimes the cells don't divide fast enough for the organism to survive... Read More

10 Things You Need Before Pitching an Investor

This list is designed to work as a process flow chart - if you are missing any of these items, you shouldn't, in my opinion, proceed to the next one - unless you're a proven serial entrepreneur, in which case you can reduce this list to th... Read More

The Three Essential Functions of the Board

I just re-read Peter Drucker's "Three Functions of the Board"... Read More

Raising Capital Takes Time

I met with a friend the other day who is looking for capital for his new startup... Read More

Tips On Closing Your VC Deal

I was giving a phone recommendation for an investment banking friend yesterday and while talking about the work we've done together, the interviewer touched on a VC investment that we closed fourteen years ago... Read More

Funding 101: What is Due Diligence?

The first time I heard the term "due diligence", as a budding entrepreneur, I had absolutely no idea what it meant... Read More

David Rose: 10 Ways to Improve Your VC Pitch

David Rose, a serial entrepreneur-turned-VC partner who speaks faster than just about any man on the planet, has a terrific video up at Ted... Read More

Two Essential Elements of a Great Pitch

Despite thousands of web pages listing advice on pitching to VCs, many world-be entrepreneurs (and some advice-givers) still fail to include two very important elements in their pitches: 1... Read More

The CEO Rule: Customers, Employees, Owners

Many years ago, after the closing of the first round of financing for my first venture-backed company, the investors and founders went out for dinner in a very nice restaurant to celebrate... Read More

The Importance of Slide One

We were about an hour into a board meeting the other day when the management team laid an extremely impressive year over year growth figure on the table for the first two quarters of 2008... Read More