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Triple Your Bottom Line

We've all heard of the "bottom line" - a figure of speech mainly associated with a firm's profitability. We think it's time that firms, including startups, expanded that one dimensional approach into something more relevant, where all key stakeholders are addressed: The Triple Bottom Line.

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The Hatcher+ H2i Impact Initiative

Impact investing has been picking up steam lately. With the Covid-19 situation now transforming our view of the world, and its interconnectedness, we're predicting that impact investing will become an increasingly visible, important, and well-funded area of investment.

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VC Impact Investing: A Primer

'Impact investing' has been a buzz word for quite a while now and has multiple definitions and schools of thought. Call it ESG investing (based on the Environmental, Social & Governance principles), SDG investing (based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals) or simply, ethical investing, it aims to solve problems and positively impact the society in one or more ways

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