100,000 PCs The World Will Never See

100,000 - that's how many PC's the new advertising campaign from Microsoft and Intel could have put into startups or schools this week, by using their $70,000,000 ad campaign more smartly.  At four PCs a startup, that might have made sense - and made a difference to the amount of apps available and the PC's declining adoption rates.  

But instead, the company has chosen instead to broadcast, via a god-awful advertising campaign, that its products have speakers that can play music, screens that can display video, mousepads that can track your finger's every move, and the ability to seamlessly plug into the Internet.  Wow.  If any of you out there are not aware of those things, I would love to meet you and sit with you for a while.  I think I might find that really relaxing!

Intel and Microsoft, what a missed opportunity.  Next time you have 70,000,000 dollars to give away, please think about using it to get your product in the hands of potential adopters and supporters.  Or just people who need computers - 100,000 of them.  

John Sharp

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