Hatcher is "Go" for Launch!

Yes - after almost a year of "self-incubation", Hatcher.com is going live next Monday 22nd, September. We're excited!

Conceptually, we'll still be doing what we've always done: investing in great teams and businesses.  Except that this time we're going to do it more efficiently than before - by wrapping business intelligence and analytics around our investor network, hiring two great new employees into our Investor Relations program (Mimoun Assraoui and Cassandra Seet), and allowing business owners and entrepreneurs access to the Hatcher platform - a closed network of several hundred investors from all around the world, ranging from super-angels to VCs to sovereign wealth funds.  

How will Hatcher work?  Hatcher's first product development priority was to enable fast, easy content sharing between out portfolio companies and investors.  We think we've achieved that goal - a portfolio company can create a working profile and start sharing information, such as a financial model or slide deck, within five minutes of signing up on Hatcher.

Our second priority was to enable smart matching of portfolio companies and investors, based on industrial and geographic preferences, business maturity, funding needs, and individual dynamics.  

Why are these preferences important?  Experience has taught us that many funds (and even personal investors) like to invest based on the personal knowledge and expertise of the partners - and that knowledge is usually either intensely local, with reference to consumer businesses, or narrowly technical, when it comes to industry verticals.

And sometimes, the preferences come down to the establishment of a way of doing business that provides the investors themselves an edge..

Example: Harveen Narulla (our Executive Chairman) and I had a meeting last week in Dubai with a team that has just received funding from a top Silicon Valley VC, based on a unique patent they own in the logistics space.  

The VC that is leading the round is one of the top five funds for a reason - because they deeply understand intellectual property and have a strong history of making excellent bets around patent protection - in biotech, but also in software.     

This kind of match is exactly what we will be looking to engineer via Hatcher: a match of strengths, both on the execution side, and on the investment side, married with the right amount of capital and a highly capable team (Alan, Ernest, Vindana, and Maria) able to provide young companies with the kind of resources and administrative help that they need as they focus on building their companies.  

I hope we can look forward to your support and best wishes as we launch next week.  In the meantime, if you think the Hatcher team can help your business, please contact us

John Sharp

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