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How to Get the Most out of Hatcher

The first thing you need to know about Hatcher is that Hatcher combines a workflow solution for investors with a data analysis platform, to provide a complete, next-generation investment platform for venture. And the most important thing to know about both our data technologies and our workflow is that each module was designed inside a venture capital organization to solve a problem faced by that organization.

This platform was not designed based on some engineer or data engineer's abstract idea of what systems might work inside a venture capital company - it was designed by a group wishing the disrupt the status quo, based on deep knowledge of those processes, with a view to using data to drive decision-making, and improve speed and accuracy.

In the beginning, most of the problems we set out to build solutions for involved a need for storing and searching data - i.e. repositories for data such as deal terms, investor contact databases, cap tables, corporate information, social marketing results, business plans, financial models... static data that was otherwise only locatable after much effort - and often not locatable at all.

Out of these efforts came our investor and investee company profiles and associated datarooms (we use Box.com on the back end), cap tables, monthly KPI and fundraising reporting modules, and many other modules, such as our Digital Footprint report (Facebook, MOZ, Twiter, Web, etc), our Glassdoor-based reports, press streams, web analytics, and CRM notes.

Then, as we started to solve that problem we realized that we needed a way of logging activity within the organization and for each portfolio company, including fundraising activity - so we started playing around with various CRM and fund management solutions, eventually settling on a combination of our own fundraising and CRM technology, plus Slack, Infogram, MailChimp, and various other APIs.

Sharp John Sharp

John is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and the co-founding Partner of Hatcher+, a data-driven, globally-focused venture investment platform based in Singapore. In addition to leading capital raising and deal syndication, he is the visionary and architect behind the Hatcher Stack, the company's proprietary research and technology platform. Over the past five years, John has led numerous venture investments in early-stage companies, including ASYX, DocDoc, Dropsuite, Heardable, Invit, Inzen Studio, SocialCops, ThoughtRiver, and Telr - and syndicated over US$100Mn of additional debt and equity co-investment. IPOs and trade sales in which he was acted for the majority shareholder include Dropsuite (ASX:DSE) and Inzen Studio (ASX:ICI). His M&A work includes the merger of payment leader Telr with Dubai-based Innovate Payments, and the merger of Singapore-based companies DocDoc, and DoctorPage. Prior to co-founding Hatcher, John founded cybersecurity technology leader Authentium (acquired by CYREN in 2010), and acted as a director for global payments aggregator Mozido, and an advisor to Africa-based Gateway Communications, satellite technology developer MDS America, Kuwait-based Internet marketplace Sheeel.com, and Orion Partners, a $2B private equity fund manager based in Hong Kong.