How to Write an Executive Summary

A couple of days ago, I posted a blog entitled 5 Easy Steps to a Great Business Plan and some of you were kind enough to email me with some kind words about it. It seems there are many others out there who agree that writing a focused, crisp Executive Summary before you write the rest of your plan is smart thinking.

In the example I provided in my last post, I offered up a premise based on a fictional business as an illustration of the importance of writing a tight Executive Summary. Today, I decided to go a step further and automate the process of writing an executive summary, using that example as a starting point.

You can find the tool I created - I'm calling it the Executive Summary Generator - in the Free Tools section of the store or by clicking on this link. Yes, it's a free tool. It uses the same five questions I articulated in my 5 Easy Steps to a Great Business Plan blog the other day to assist in creating a tight, focused Exec Sum.

The output can be easily copied into Word, or whatever other format you're using. Please take a peek at the tool and let me know what you think - and if you like it, please click the "Share" button on the AddThis widget at the top of the Executive Summary Generator page and spread the word.

John Sharp

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