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Hatcher+ and Australian Wholesale Investor Launch $10M Early Stage Fund


Hatcher+ and Wholesale Investor is pleased to announce the launch of the Hatcher+ Wholesale Investor early stage venture fund - a strategic partnership raising $10M to be invested into 50 Australian/NZ startups, with funds reserved for international startups. The fund will focus on investments into innovative technologies ranging from the formation stage to those in the Series A stage and will make use of existing connections to build a strong deal flow and provide exclusive access to pioneering technology. Through Hatcher+ VAAST™ (Venture As A Service Technology) platform and the Wholesale Investors’ proprietary CRIISP™ platform, investee companies are expected to benefit from greater access to capital, ecosystem partners, and international strategic growth opportunities.

Key Highlights

  • The fund will utilise deep learning to invest in promising technology companies ranging from the formation stage through to the Series A round in partnership with leading incubators, accelerators, and research groups.
  • Together, WI & Hatcher+ expect to have visibility of over 10,000 startups per year
  • Portfolio companies will gain access to the Wholesale Investor, 31,000+ ecosystem of investors, dealmakers and professional services to access capital, expertise and scale their businesses through later-stage growth and exits.
  • The Hatcher+ method has attracted investors such as Coca-Cola, Amatil, the Midis Group, and the Mistletoe Group.
  • Among WI’s featured companies include 7 that have reached unicorn status, and over 60 have exited via IPO, or M&A. Examples include Booktopia, Aroa Biosurgery,4D Medical, MadPaws, Ai-Media, Banxa, MyDeal, and Essential Queensland (now ASX-listed Leaf Resources)

Securing allocations in a good early-stage venture is a competitive feat. To invest well, you must have the network to attract many opportunities and then select only a few, you must extend beyond general data points of analysis, and have the capacity to assist your portfolio companies beyond just securing capital. 

 The partnership between Hatcher+ and Wholesale Investor brings forth the technology and network needed to meet these three requirements, giving the fund a distinct edge in the venture capital realm.

 To learn more, watch the video interview of with John Sharp, Founding Partner of Hatcher+ and Steve Torso, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Wholesale Investor here.

 "The early-stage investment scene is going through a period of massive growth and investors are no longer looking to simply be passive participants - they want to add value in addition to capital, form groups with like-minded individuals and family offices, and get direct access to meaningful data - this alliance will allow investors to find deals more easily, be better informed as to a company’s progress, and to engage more directly and successfully with the founders.  We view this synergistic tie-up as a potential win-win for everyone involved." John Sharp, Founding Partner of Hatcher+


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