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The Hatcher+ H2i Impact Initiative
Impact investing has been picking up steam lately. With the Covid-19 situation now transforming our view of the world, and its interconnectedness, we're predicting that impact investing will become an increasingly visible, important, and well-funded area of investment.
In the past few years, top firms including TPG, KKR, Partner's Group and Bain Capital have launched their own versions of “impact fund”, directed at standard private equity investment returns while also making a measurable difference to pressing social concerns.

Apart from the purely financial measurement for your ROI, TPG and Bridgespan Group (one of the world's top social impact advisory firms) have developed a measurement metric known as IMM (impact multiple of money) where TPG's $2B Rise Fund will aim to generate a minimum $2.5 in social return for every $1 invested, apart from the financial ROIs they have set for their portfolios.

This translates to a minimum of $5B in social return, coupled with the typical financial ROI for any PE fund. That's quite a hefty drop in the ocean of positive social impact! 

Today, investors are more conscious about where their money is being invested and how it is impacting the earth and the environment. Moreover, sustainability focused investments have inherently been less risky and volatile while at the same time, deliver similar or better investor returns.  

"As social and environmental issues increasingly affect
consumer behaviour and business conditions, there’s growing evidence that
ESG programs can actually improve returns and limit risk."
Bain Capital 

At Hatcher+, we're using data modelling and portfolio theory - and a global network of early stage investment groups - to improve likely returns for investors.  The H2i (H2 Impact) Initiative is a sidecar program focused on start-ups working on areas supported by the UN SDGs or within the VC impact investing perimeter (see my last post for more on this).

We are already working with a number of respected incubators and accelerators that have programs focused on impact.  In the coming months, we want to add more impact partners - please contact us at Hatcher+ if you're interested in partnering with us on impact. 


Manav is a seasoned professional with experience in social impact, operational strategy, transformation and strategic initiatives. After leading teams and functions for almost a decade across various divisions, companies and geographies, Manav is leading impact investing and investor relations at Hatcher+. Manav holds an MBA from the NUS Business School in Singapore and represents the NUS MBA cohort as the President of the Students' Council.