The Hatcher+ deal origination and fund management platform enables qualifying corporate VCs, family offices, and deal originators to build and operate venture funds in partnership wth Hatcher's team of veteran fund managers and administrators, and technology developers. Funds may be white-label, co-branded, co-managed, and based on stage, geography, industry, or territory.

FundBuilder (sample allocation splits example only)
Name Hatcher+ FundBuilder
Minimum Size USD 10,000,000
Currency USD
Jurisdictions Cayman / Other (setup costs may apply for non-Cayman/non-Irish jurisdictions)
Co-Management Yes (pending standard KYC/AML checks and manager qualification)
Co-Origination Yes (pending origination partner qualification)
Geographic Focus Customizable
Industry Focus Customizable
Fee Sharing Yes
Business Automation Technology Included
Customizable Web Domain / Website Yes
White Label Yes
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