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Product Name H2 Fund LP (Series 189) Notes due 2028 (ISIN: XS1757381006)
Product Type Exchange-Traded Note
Issuer IA Capital Structures (Ireland) plc
Arranger FlexFunds Ltd.
Issue Agent Citibank N.A., London Branch.
Manager First Degree Global Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
Placing / Sales Agent GWM Group, Inc. and GWM Ltd
Trustee Sanne Fiduciary Services Limited
Programme Notes are issued pursuant to Issuer’s EUR5,000,000,000 Secured Note Programme
Exchanges Wiener Bourse
Base Currency USD
ETN Fees (gross) 2.325% per annum
Liquidity & NAV Daily via Bloomberg/Reuters
Minimum Investment USD50,000 (thereafter in USD1,000 increments)
Target Return 4x multiple over 10 years
Investor Qualifications Suitable for high risk profile / accredited investors only
Reporting Quarterly (or real-time via login to portal)
Fund Name H2 Fund L.P.
Target Fund Size USD 125,000,000
Currency USD
Legal Structure Limited Partnership
Geographic Focus Diversified (~50% North America)
Sector Focus Diversified (Scalable/Technology-Enabled)
Stage Focus Pre-Seed through Series A (early-stage)
Risk Profile High
Jurisdiction Cayman Islands
Min. Investment USD 1,000,000 (smaller investments possible via ETN structure, or at discretion of GP)
Fund Life 10 years (+two 1-year periods with LP consent)
Management Fee 2%
Carried Interest 20% (8% pa preferred return hurdle)
Promoter Hatcher Plus Pte Ltd
Investment Manager First Degree Global Asset Management Pte Ltd (MAS-licensed)
Legal Counsel Dechert LLP
Fund Administrator Maples Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd
Fund Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers
First Closing Completed (Q3, 2018)
Target Final Closing 2020 (rolling closes permitted)