Hatcher+ Stack Data Analytics / Business Process Automation Platform

The Hatcher+ Technology Stack predictive data analytics and business process automation platform was developed to enable deal originators to more efficiently source and match deals based on investment mandate (including industry, stage and geography), founder team capabilities, uniqueness of the technology, uniqueness of the business model, likelihood of the venture to scale, trend analysis, exit propensity, and exit potential.

Hatcher+ Stack (featured: DealFlow Manager module)
Name Hatcher+ Stack
Description Data Analytics / Business Process Automation Platform
Core Data Set 500,000+ venture capital investments spanning 20 years, all geographies, all industries, all stages
Comparative Data Models Various: the Stack uses rules-based filtering in combination withy fuzzy logic maps to handle mandate-matching and proprietary AI and machine-learning algorithms developed in-house to determine predictive analytics scores
Predictive Scoring Model Included (x / 1000, where 500/1000 is "neutral" score)
Major APIs Included Asana, Box.com, DataRobot, Facebook, Google, Kaltura, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Microsoft Office 365, SEOMoz, Slack, Twilio, Twitter, YouTube
Included Modules Submission Manager (AI-Based Predictive Scoring), Contact Manager, DealFlow Manager, Facilities Manager, Fund Manager, Email Campaigns, Mentor Manager, SmartSearch (Deals/Investors), HTML Customization Manager
Permission Management Yes (Included)
HTTPS/SSL Certificate Yes (Included)
Annual Fee 0
Languages 18
Currencies 51 (Included: Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin)
Opportunity Sharing Yes (Pending Due Diligence
Geographic Focus Customizable
Industry Focus Customizable
Predictive Analytics Included
Business Automation Technology Included
Customizable Web Domain / Website Yes
White Label Yes
More Information Disclaimer
Inbound Deal Appraisal The Hatcher+ Stack investment mandate-matching and Predictive API functionalities can enable significant time-saving during periods where resources are constrained, such as the application filtering, appraisal, and cohort creation process.
KPI / Inbound Investmnet Tracking Predictive data analytics and business process automation platform enable automated reporting notifications and scoring of results and responsiveness / transparency levels. Multi-stage cap tables and campaign management modules are included with support for over 50 currencies.
Deal Database Indexing Fuzzy-logic matching of deals by sector / vertical, stage, and location enables easier identification of direct or co-investment opportunities, leading to more efficient creation of larger custom portfolios.
Multi-Language / Multi-Currency Customizable Applications All data can be input in a variety of languages, and output in a different languages via printed reports - enabling multiple geographies and staff members in different countries to use the same platform.
Investor Mandate Matching The Hatcher+ Stack investor mndate matching enables matches to be made pre-Demo Day, ensuring a better match of investor with presenting companies.
Fully Customizable Web platform can operate at any domain, or exist as a subdomain at hatcher.com. All html elements can be customzed.

Hatcher+ uses deep learning and partnerships with leading early-stage investors to invest in leading early-stage companies.



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