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Headquartered in Singapore, Hatcher+ is the next-generation, data-driven, global venture firm. Hatcher+ uses deep learning, process automation, and a massive global network of deal origination partners to enable predictable returns from venture investing

The First 100 Are Funded!

Three years ago, upon finishing our first fund, we embarked on a journey to create a new kind of venture fund, based on our research into 20 years of venture investing, technologies that we could adapt to modernize and scale the investment process, and structures that might enable a new, more democratized approach to sourcing investment.


A few brave souls/investors agreed to support our theory at this early stage, and provided the seed funding necessary to move our data models and business process automation, and fund structuring ideas, from concept to reality.

Today, thanks to the unwavering support of these seed investors, our global network of co-investors, our incredible staff and team of advisors, our amazing LPs, and our highly-professional support crew, we have reached a milestone - our 100th investment from our H2 fund.  The fact that we were able to successfully parse 10,000 deals, automate the investment process, and achieve our target quality threshold ratio of >1% has shown us that it is possible for technology to play a role in quality assurance, and possible also to move away from a reliance solely on local investors (most typical early-stage investors are to be found within a thirty mile zone of a startup) towards a truly global approach to funding and sharing innovation.

We're only 3% of the way along this journey.  There is a lot still to do - during our second 12 months, we have to find 400 to 500 more startups to fund, which will require us (and our partners) to assess over 40,000 to 50,000 deals (1% x 50,000 = 500).  But we're ready for it, and eager to scale up.  Which means we're ready to talk to you if you also believe AI and machine learning can be useful in assisting human intuition, and believe, as we do, that venture can scale beyond traditional boundaries.

If you're interested in adopting our workflow platform, you don't have to be a co-investment partner, or even share deals with us, to use our technology: we're happy for you to use the platform, give us feedback, and help us build out the ecosystem.  If you're interested in learning more about our fund structure, including our innovative Exchange-Traded Note-based investment approach, we're happy to share our learnings on that subject with you too, whether you choose to adopt these methods, or not.  New to venture?  We're happy to share our research on a no-obligation basis.

A final thank you to the startups that accepted our money: We've grateful that you have chosen to include us in your journey.  As one startup to another, we hope that our contributions will help you achieve success, and that you'll have as much fun over the next three years as we've had over the past three years ourselves.

John Sharp

John is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and the Founding Partner of Hatcher+, a next-generation, data-driven venture firm that utilises a massive global database in combination with AI and machine learning-based technologies to identify early-stage opportunities in partnership with leading accelerators and investors worldwide.