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Headquartered in Singapore, Hatcher+ is the next-generation, data-driven, global venture firm. Hatcher+ uses deep learning, process automation, and a massive global network of deal origination partners to enable predictable returns from venture investing

The 210 Steps Needed to Set Up a VC Fund

When we set up our H2 fund, we thought that we'd be up and running inside of six months - nine months max.  The process ended up taking us eighteen months to get to the desired level of operations - and at that point, we were still only 80% ready. 

One of the reasons for our early optimism?  On our first outing, we had no idea how many steps we needed to walk through in order to create a venture fund.  We know now - because we've codified it - and the answer is at least 210.  And while there's probably a number of other steps that we still need to add to that list, we're pretty sure that is close to the minimum count.


Don't believe the number?  We've made our list available for anyone to check it out here.  Better still, we're taken all of our learnings, developed a ton of code, and created a better approach to creating investment vehicles - with the help of MAS-licensed fund managers First Degree Global Asset Management

Using the resources of our combined teams, we've built a systematic approach that can reduce the time needed to create an investment vehicle and build up operational support from months to days - or even hours.  What do we mean by operational support?  In short, we're talking about the ability to:

  • create a website and operating platform
  • choose from a range of fund structures
  • add an experienced, fully-licensed, external fund manager
  • add a fund administrator (or select from a range of admins)
  • add your choice of audit firm
  • appoint directors and advisors 
  • tap into a global deal origination network
  • set up an automated deal analysis process
  • set up an investment committee
  • do KYC and AML checks 
  • interface with users using multiple languages and currencies
  • use AI to do analysis and basic DD
  • enable stakeholder access to your portfolio
  • automate fund accounting, reporting, and other manual functions 

Yes, we know.  It seems kind of unbelievable that we can provide that level of functionality in a few hours or days.  But the first step in any systematic automating of a process is to go through the pain of doing it manually multiple times - and take notes.  

We've now done that, and those notes are no longer notes - they now constitute the documentation entries above the codified methods we've developed to enable the fast, easy, automated creation of investment vehicles, and the commercialization of the Hatcher+ Venture-As-A-Service Technology ("VAAST") platform - the multi-award-winning technology and data analytics platform that enables a year to be compressed to a number of days.     

This platform is built to enable serious scale - and on October 1st, 2021, we'll be moving to add new clients to our pilot partners.  If you're a multi-family office, a wealth manager, a private bank, or a financial advisor looking to enable a private investment vehicle for your clients using a process that is fast, efficient, and complete, let's talk. 

Please schedule a session with our team here.  

John Sharp

John is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and the Founding Partner of Hatcher+, a next-generation, data-driven venture firm that utilises a massive global database in combination with AI and machine learning-based technologies to identify early-stage opportunities in partnership with leading accelerators and investors worldwide.