Introducing Hatcher+ VAAST™ the multi-award-winning, next- generation, venture-as-a-service technology platform

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Create a fund, build a syndication network, integrate your deal flow management and analysis - and manage your data, documents, cap tables, and portfolios

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VAAST™ Key Features:
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AI-powered deal scouting

Support for impact investing

Scalable process automation

Data-driven portfolio models

Real-time reporting



With VAAST™, you can create a fully-operational venture fund in days. All funds are managed by licensed fund managers in partnership with leading fund administrators and audit firms. Co-GP / dealflow-sharing arrangements supported.


The CarbonNation fund focuses on high-yield sustainable farming in Australia, including carbon credit (ACCU) production, soil regeneration, and the protection and growth of natural capital.

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H1 (Hatcher)

Hatcher Pte Ltd has completed 20 investments into 13 companies, including follow-ons. Track record consists of 6 exits – including 2 public listings, 3 trade sales, and 1 partial exit.

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Singapore / Cayman Islands

Data-driven mega-portfolio based on ground-breaking research spanning 20 years, 600,000 transactions, and 4 billion virtual portfolios. Invests in early-stage opportunities, worldwide.

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H+WI Fund

The H+WI Fund, domiciled and managed in Australia, is a jointly-owned trust created by Hatcher+ and Wholesale Investor that invests in early-stage start-ups in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world.

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No Flex Fund

The No Flex Fund was initiated by a private family office fund that invests in public and private investments worldwide.

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VAAST Impacq Fund

The VAAST Impacq Seed Fund leverages the global reach of the Hatcher Accelerator Network and proprietary, AI-powered Impact Scoring to help impact investors match their investment mandates.

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  • We have been co-investing with Hatcher+ since 2018, and from the beginning, we were big believers in their data-led approach to early-stage startup investing with VAAST. We use it for our scouting and portfolio management today, and with our increased focus on impacting investing, it is the right platform to grow with in the future.

    Gerod Carfantan
    COO of Sente Foundry
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Business Insider


AI vs. Human Reasoning in Venture
John Sharp

Three years ago, we started aggregating hundreds of thousands of venture deals and events, with the goal of using deep learning to create an investment model. Two years ago, we began using machine learning to analyse applications for funding across our network. This year, we developed a similar, data-driven approach to determining which applications would best fit an impact-driven portfolio.

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The Power of Venture
Dan Hoogterp

Venture returns are often characterized as having a ‘power curve’ distribution. We get a fair number of questions in this area, so we thought a brief article could help show what this means.

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Spray and Pray = Science
John Sharp

I know it's a loaded term, but when it comes to early-stage investing, "spray and pray" is exactly what you should be doing if you're interested in embracing the odds, rather than trying to beat them...

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White Paper: Venture Forecasting & Analysis
Dan Hoogterp

What is the optimal size for an early-stage venture portfolio? How will venture firms of the future recalibrate the traditional model? This paper outlines the collection, validation, modelling, and forecasting methodologies used to construct, back-test, and inform a novel approach to large-scale venture investment. These findings were considered in the process of determining the investment strategy for the H2 Fund.

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The Power of Impact
Dan Hoogterp

We analyzed the deal flow for Hatcher+ and third-parties to find the effect of “Impact” choices on returns. I’m showing “Impact” in quotes - ESG and sustainability goals are considered equivalent for this review.

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Asset Allocation in Venture
Amit Kaistha

Startups from healthtech, fintech, cleantech are all seeing increasing traction that has never been seen before. So are startups focused on deeptech, IoT, Edtech and the list goes on...

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AI-Based Mandate-Matching
John Sharp

Not all entrepreneurs struggle to find the right investor - you would rightly expect serial entrepreneurs based in the Valley to have the opposite problem. But many founders don't know where to start.

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The 210 Steps Needed to Set Up a VC Fund
John Sharp

Setting up a new fund can take 210 steps - and over a year. At Hatcher+, we're using high-quality, customizable legal templates in combination with business process automation to enable a faster, more efficient approach to fund creation - with help from our licensed fund management partners First Degree Global Asset Management, and the awesome crew of our growing fund administration team.

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How to Generate a 1207x Return
John Sharp

Sometimes the multiples generated from early-stage venture generate such eye-popping returns that you find yourself checking your math not once, but multiple times for errors...

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Hatcher+, TAIF, and First Degree announce CarbonNation
Darren Thang

The first CarbonNation regenerative farming project, a 10,619 hectare regenerative farming project located in Central Queensland, Australia, is a joint venture by Singapore-based Hatcher+ and First Degree Global Asset Management, and Melbourne-based Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund, a leading Australian agritech investor and manager. The eco-friendly project, which produces profitable crops based on sustainable farming techniques, also produces a significant amount of carbon credits, while providing a reserve for the protection of five endangered species.

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